Friday, July 30, 2010

A Silly wedding Gift!

When my husband and I got married nearly 20 years ago, my best friend from High School did the cutest present for us. It leaned toward the naughty side, but not raunchy. Bill wanted to do something similar for a couple of the gals he works with when they got married. (he thinks he's funny and so we humor him!) Anyway I wrote the poems to go with each item and thought I would post part of it here, if you wanted the whole thing just drop and email and I can send it to you!

On the Cooler

I'm sure you can't imagine

What it might be like

That this state of happiness

Just might take a hike

But someday soon, a fight will come

That makes you all amiss

And when it happens you might ask

Where is my wedded bliss?

So we're giving you this COOLER

To remember to be nice

But when your anger reels its head

"Chill Out" and put it on Ice.

Inside this cooler you will find

A few things you might need

Enjoy this gift made just for you

It will be fun indeed!

Inside there is a Towel, Excedrin, condoms, m&m's and a jar, breath mints, socks, ice cream toppings, lighter, leopard duct tape and a feather, and band aids and first aid tape.
Here's a few samples of the poems that go with each item.


Here’s a prescription

Written just for you.

In case of a headache

Just take TWO!

M&M’s and a Jar

It takes a year to fill this jar

Drop an M&M each time

The two of you get all caught up

And make those love bells chime.

They say it takes just 50 more

To take out every one

So set a goal and work real hard

Go Ahead…and have some fun!


Keep this in your bedside table

For clean up…just in case

You never know when you’ll be able

To make it past third base.


Monday, July 12, 2010

The perfect pie

I know most of you who care are already on the Prepared Pantry's mailing list, but just in case here is their e-book on how to make the perfect pie.

Friday, July 9, 2010

And while we are at it..

The Prepared Pantry's Biscuit and Shortcake Guide! Chocolate Caramel Raspberry Shortcake anyone?

Prepared Pantry Smoothie Collection

Just go here! That is all I have to say about that.

Friday, July 2, 2010

How to get dry-erase off of stubborn boards

I love the Internet. Can you imagine how life would be without it? Last month I scored a good deal on a big dry-erase calender that hangs by the garage door. It is my brain. Everything, including the menu goes on here.
Today I went to erase it to start July, and the writing would not come off. I tried all sorts of soaps, cleaners, even vinegar. Nothing was working. Not even my Internet. But when it started working again, two clicks had my answer! And even better, I actually owned both items:
Spot Shot Carpet Cleaner
and a Magic Eraser (which I tried by itself earlier and it didn't really work).
But put them together and you have magic. Just spray with the Spot Shot and let sit for about 3-5 minutes. Then get your magic eraser damp and wipe away. Just like magic. Love it!