Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Pillowcase Dress

Love the pillowcase dress!! Easy enough for the beginner sewer and cute!!
For the summer version I got inspiration from here to make my own lemon-lime bandanna dress ($2 total-Wal-mart).
I used the instructions here.


She kept tugging at the ribbons so I ended up making different ties but didn't get a picture for this one. I used the tutorial here using an old green tee shirt for the straps instead. Great for a hot summer day or a swimming cover-up.

Then the other day at the thrift store I spotted a sweater with great fall colors. ($3) I'm not much of a sweater person myself but I knew I use the fall colors for something. So I made this from the same concept.


I used the leftovers to make a headband and flower. I made the flower from this tutorial, then painted a wooden circle, added some rub-ons, sprayed with finishing spray and glued an embellishment in the middle. Bring on fall!!

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  1. Those turned out really cute Julie! I love the sweater one!