Saturday, August 28, 2010

How to have your ideas...and save on ink too

You could say I have always been addicted to ideas. When I was first married I used to get crafty library books and spend a lot of time copying page after page. Luckily I worked at a copy shop. That was before blogs! (or at least before I knew about blogs)

It has been dangerous for me to know about blogs. I have limit myself. But I can't give up my ideas. I love getting new ideas (Recently, I discovered why. My friend does personality profiling on how to dress, and I have discovered that I am a "1" and "1's" love new ideas!)

So, I was spending a lot of money on ink and paper. I know I could bookmark them, or save them to my computer. But I would much rather look through prinouts that on the screen to choose my next project. Plus, I thought I would save them to my computer and forget all about them.
I rationalized my ink spending habits on the fact that I am pretty low-maintenance. Most of my clothes comes from clearance racks, I don't eat out a lot, I don't get pedi's, etc. Besides, SAHM's need some sort of "out" and this was mine.
But, it was getting a little excessive. I have stacks and stacks of printouts. All great ideas, but I was probably only getting to 1% of them. Soo, recently I started "starring" them on google reader. Then every once in awhile, I will copy the picture, paste it into word, then print the web address under the picture. I will also copy and print recipes this way.
Then, when I do look through my ideas, and get serious about one, I can look up where I can find more detail. I also use grayscale to save on expensive colored ink. Then I have my little filing cabinet divided into categories. It's been working great for me.

Do you have any great organizing ideas for your projects to be?

Thursday, August 26, 2010


This summer I spent more time enjoying summer than crafting, but I was feeling an itch to make something. And I keep drooling over the Waldorf dolls Lil Blue Boo keeps featuring. Having the "I'm too frugal I can make that myself mentality" can be a curse sometimes. Those dolls are expensive, but I learned why. I researched some sites online and attempted to make one. Not going to happen in this lifetime.
But, I still I had this itching to make a doll. So, I found a great tutorial on Martha Stewart. The doll instructions were very easy to follow. However, I found the clothes a bit challenging. (Don't let this intimidate you, as I am a very amateur sewer) So, I made an extremely basic version of the shirt which was supposed to have a collar, buttons etc.
It was good enough for my 15-month old. I love her long crazy hair. Maybe I will have to live my long hair fantasies through her. Now I've gotten it out of my system. Time to move on to other craft projects.
And to start saving for the real Waldorf doll.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Two-week menu

Monday-Enchiladas Rancheras with fruit
Tuesday-Pizza with green salad (for me only!)
Wednesday-Greek style chicken sandwiches-roughly based on this, but I will have to tone it down for the gringos
Thursday-Loaded chicken baked potatoes *make extra shredded chicken for Friday
Friday-Hawaiian Haystacks
Saturday-Dry Rub Ribs-(have made these before-to die for!!)
Monday-Spagetti dinner fundraiser
Wednesday-Pulled pork or chicken sandwhiches
Thursday-Chili-roughly based on this
Friday and Saturday-possibly out of town

*Loaded Baked Potatoes
Bake your potatoes and add shredded chicken tossed in BBQ sauce, cheese, ranch, and green onions

Friday, August 20, 2010

Taste Test Party


Last night we had a fun activity at our monthly girls night. We did a taste taste for our refreshments. Here is how it worked: A few weeks before I sent out a list of assignments. Everyone had a partner and here is what we had to test ourselves on. :

1) Coke vs Pepsi
2) Same item from two different restaurants (They brought fried rice from Panda Express and a local Chinese place)
3) Same cookie bar recipe-one used imitation vanilla and one used Mexican vanilla
4) Blackberry Cheesecakes-one using Philadelphia cream cheese, the other using store brand cream cheese
5) Low-fat fruit dip vs. full fat fruit dip
6) Organic granola and milk vs. regular granola and milk
7) Whoopie pies-(different recipes-we had to guess who made which one)
8) Bakery brownies vs. homemade brownies
9) Crush Soda vs. Store Brand Orange Soda

When ladies I arrived, I handed them their quiz and we went around and starting tasting.
The options are endless. It was a lot of fun. Even Coke enthusiasts had a hard time tasting the difference when it was disguised and tasted next to Pepsi.
The four people who got the most right got some hand soap from Bath and Body works, and then we watched Dear John in our garage (since it was windy).
The next time you are in charge of planning girls night, bookmark this idea and see how distinguised your taste buds are!