Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Fun


4th of July Kabob. Sorry I lost the source where I got this idea. It was a great side to a BBQ.

I made this Mariners dress for my daughter using an old T-shirt. Got the tute here. I didn't add the elastic in the middle or the sleeves cuz it's summer!

And one my favorite projects ever is the romper made out of a boys church shirt. I love it.
Got the tute here. I used a 6-8 boys shirt for a 2T romper.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Great Hair Colour

So I've been growing my hair out for eight months. I felt like I needed a change so last night I bought this hair color halfway expecting to have to run to the salon today to fix it. But I was actually really impressed.

This is me earlier in the day before I colored:

And this is me after:

The back lays so much nicer. Maybe I just needed a lot of moisture. Anyway, I will definitely be buying this again. I will probably be better at applying the highlights next time but I still like how it turned out.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Teacher Gift

Today was my 3 year old's, last day of school. I wanted to do something nice for her teacher because I know how much time it takes to prepare lessons for young kids. Teachers put in a lot of extra hours and I wanted to show Miss Emily our appreciation for being such a fantastic teacher. We need more of those! This is what I did for her:

I got a bucket from Target and put her name on the front with some apples. I used my Silhouette to cut the vinyl. I love that thing! She gives her students a gumball every day as they leave if they followed directions for that day. So I decided to use gumballs for the filler. I put some tissue paper in the very bottom and filled it a little with gumballs. Then I bought a circle shaped piece of floral styrofoam to hold some apple-shaped cake pops I made. And I covered that with wax paper so it wouldn't get any little styrofoam flakes on the gumballs. I put another piece of tissue paper around that so when I put it in the bucket, the tissue paper would stick up out of the bucket.

Then I stuck all my little apple cake pops in the holes I pre-made in the styrofoam circle. I had previously covered each one with a little bag and tied a red bow around the bottom. So they are all individually wrapped. Once my cake pops were in, I filled around them with the rest of the little gumballs and nestled a Target gift card in the center with a little thank you note from me and my little girl.

Here is a close up of the apple cake pops. They have cute, smiling faces. A fun gift for an awesome teacher!

My little girl loved giving her gift to Miss Emily.

Here they are together on her last day of school.

They had a fun carnival party.

We love Miss Emily!