Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fun with Denim

I know I've been a bad poster here. Still making stuff. Just too (busy, lazy, unoriginal) to post them. Pinterest has kind of filled my need to post things I've tried.
But here a few things I've done lately. I've been collecting ill-fitting, holey jeans for a while and finished a few things.

The first one is this dress where I cut a tee and added layers of denim on the bottom. Inspiration here.
Dang, in the newer blogs you can make pictures smaller in the compose page. Sorry about the largeness.

Second, I finally made some art to go with the pallet shelves I made. I needed something rustic, so I took an art board from the thrift store, cut up denim and mod podged it to the board for the backyard. Then I used my glue gun to glue on pockets. I like it.

Lastly, I made a simplified denim rag quilt (no back) using more of the old jeans. A great decorator, nap quilt, and/or picnic blanket.


Let's see...what else fun have I done? I made a cinnamon roll bouquet for Christmas Eve. (I just used the tube kind)


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  1. I love denim quilts! I made one years ago. But seeing yours makes me want to make another one. I love them for picnics! Guess I better start saving my old jeans. :)