Friday, March 4, 2011

Product Review: Cupcake Plunger

I was shopping for my husband for Valentines Day, when I found something that I wanted for Valentines Day. I'm loving cupcakes right now, and have a whole bunch of recipes I want to try.
So, I thought for $4 I would try this out.

It claimed to make the hole and then fill it. It made the hole really nicely. But to fill it, you would need something really solid like ice cream. Frostings, etc, are too soft. But it wasn't really that hard to fill it with using a spoon. I probably could have found something around my house to makethe holes, but for $4 I think this was worth it. I give is three stars.

Destruction: Keeping boys entertained

Our trusty printer of many years bit the dust recently. Instead of feeding it to the garbage can, my husband suggested letting the kids take it apart. It sounded like kind of a pain to me, but when a four-day weekend came upon us, I decided to go for it. And they totally loved it. It kept us busy for a couple of hours.

Notice that I said "us". My kids weren't able to get many of the screws loose. So, be prepared with a few kinds of screwdrivers, old clothes in case of grease or ink, and lots of your own time. But it was worth it. They were totally excited to see it come apart and how everything worked.

So next time you have an electronic device break, let your kids go at it. Or you can also pick up something at the thrift store too.