Monday, December 14, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

I made this "12 Days of Christmas" craft by using a 12 count mini muffin tin. I found this one at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $4.99. It came in a cupcake kit. I saved the other things that came with it for my 2 year old to use with the kitchen she is getting for Christmas. I spray painted it red and then spray painted glitter over it. There are 12 Christmas activities you can do with your kids under each magnet. I also put magnets on the back so it sticks to the fridge. Each day, your child lifts the magnet and then does the activity listed. This one says, "Do a Christmas Craft." And each year you can mix up the order of the numbers so the activities are not always done in the same order. I picked things that we do every Christmas anyway. It's just a fun way to get your kids involved.

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