Monday, December 7, 2009

Santa Table Runner!

I went to book club on Wednesday and at Amberly's house she had the cutest table runner. I got the wheels working in my head and decided to design my own. It was really quite simple actually, I made 2! One for me and one for a gift. I bought 1 yard of Super Soft fleece in Red and also 1 yard of this fabric that looks like lambs wool. Then 2 yards of leather type belt material, 4 belt buckles and 4 bells. Very simple right? I cut the yard of material in half and then took a carpenters square and laid it at the end and cut a v shape on each end of each piece. Then I laid them right sides together. I took the 2 yards of leather belt stuff (for lack of a better word!!) cut into 18" pieces and threaded the belt buckles on each piece. Made sure that the bottom of the belt was against the red fabric so that when its turned right side out again it will be right. I then pinned the pieces together with the belt sandwiched between and sewed around the whole thing leaving about 4 inches open to turn it right side out. After its turned right side out I hand stitched the opening closed and sewed bells on the points at each end. I think it turned out great! I didn't take picture by picture tutorials I didn't think about it until I was done. It went really fast though, I started cutting them out around 2pm and finished sewing at 4:30 that's 2 and a half hours to make 2. Now I didn't buy bells because I thought I had some at home. I got home and only had 3 so I finished the one I gave away and didn't get pictures of it. So this one still needs the bells, but otherwise its done.


  1. That is too fun! I bet the kids just love this!Thanks for linking!

  2. The very clever element is putting the fleece on the bottom. Nice.