Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little things we've done lately...

Trying to beat the Winter Blues, we've done a couple things lately that the kids found fun.
First we made Banana Men for our "Family Night" treat. Basically you cut the banana in half and decorate it with chocolate chips, candies, whipped cream for hair and mustaches, etc. And please don't be jealous of the fine china we use at our house. :)


Then, for dinner one night I let the kids make their own pizzas. I made up some pizza dough, rolled out individual sized circles, and let them pick from a variety of toppings. Fun for everyone.

Also, here is another little trick I used this week. Red food coloring and corn syrup mixed and brushed onto a bandage and then dried overnight makes awesome blood!

I'm not really into gory Halloween costumes, but our school does a "Fake an injury day" for part of our spirit week. This works great for some fake-out blood!

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