Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do you prefer long or short-sleeves?

I used to wear both. The hubs hates anything long-sleeved except an occasional sweatshirt. I used to be able to wear both, but long-sleeves makes me feel slightly claustrophobic sometimes. Especially being a mom-doing dishes, wiping bums, you get the picture.

But the problem comes at night, when I slow down and the house gets cold. I used to put on the hubs sweatshirts, but they felt bulky. Then I saw this tutorial and had to try it. Easy peasy! I must advice to try to find more neutral socks than these if you are going to wear them in public. Little Birdies Secrets pulls it off much better than I do, but I think it will keep me warm at night.

I couldn't find any thigh-highs at Wal-mart, but Target had plenty of cute options.And then baby legs are so popular right now that I had to make some for my daughter. The real ones aren't cheap, but Target had a three-pack of knee highs for $6.99 to make your own. I like how she can still wear some of her adorable skirts in the winter. I just made her some pink and brown polka dot ones that are adorable.

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