Monday, June 21, 2010

Two-Week Menu

Monday: Taco Cups and Guacamole
Tuesday: Out to eat (Grandma is taking 1/2 the kids camping!)
Wednesday: Church BBQ-Grilled Chicken and Aloha Fruit Dip
Thursday: Trip
Friday: Trip
Saturday: I've learned that my husband likes to come up with something on the spur of the moment on Saturday
Sunday: Roast and Potatoes
Monday: Crock pot burritos-freezer
Tuesday: Date
Wednesday: Cheese Manicotti-freezer
Thursday: BBQ Chicken Salad
Friday: Orange chicken--freezer
Saturday: 4th of July Celebrations- Bringing Strawberry Cheesecake Squares and Berry Salad for the potluck BBQ

1 comment:

  1. What are taco cups? They sound like something ALL my kids would eat.