Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peaches and Cream Dried Peaches

Awhile ago, I saw an idea here on Blue Cricket Design to dip apple slice in Jell-o before dehydrating them for flavored apple chips. Intrigued, I decide to try it with peach slices when I bought a couple of boxes. But then I go to thinking that dipping them in dry pudding mix might be pretty yummy too.
So, after I peeled, pitted, and sliced I dipped them in some of this:


At first, I dipped each one,

But, then I decided it would be easier to do the whole batch at once.

I did this with Jell-o and chocolate pudding too. Then put it on my (ok, my moms) dehydrator.


After drying for about 12 hours, this is what the vanilla pudding ones looked like. They were still pretty sticky. But they tasted just peaches and cream. Yum!


So, here is the final cherry jell-o, chocolate, plain, vanilla pudding, and lime dried peaches.


The favorite with the kids: Lime
The favorite of mine: vanilla pudding
Least favorite of everybodys: chocolate


So, next time you come across some fresh peaches, give this a try!

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