Friday, July 2, 2010

How to get dry-erase off of stubborn boards

I love the Internet. Can you imagine how life would be without it? Last month I scored a good deal on a big dry-erase calender that hangs by the garage door. It is my brain. Everything, including the menu goes on here.
Today I went to erase it to start July, and the writing would not come off. I tried all sorts of soaps, cleaners, even vinegar. Nothing was working. Not even my Internet. But when it started working again, two clicks had my answer! And even better, I actually owned both items:
Spot Shot Carpet Cleaner
and a Magic Eraser (which I tried by itself earlier and it didn't really work).
But put them together and you have magic. Just spray with the Spot Shot and let sit for about 3-5 minutes. Then get your magic eraser damp and wipe away. Just like magic. Love it!


  1. I luuooove spot shot cleaner. I buy it in bulk from Sam's club. It is a great pre treatment for laundry. I am a fan of Fells Natha but I use this if I am in a hurry. It works wonders on blood and grass stains. The key is to let it set. It will do most of the work.