Friday, December 31, 2010

Chicken (Not So Crabby) Cakes

So, I was watching "The Best Thing I ever Ate" while holding a fevering toddler the other day. They featured some crab cakes in Maryland that they swore were to die for. So, I got out my notebook and wrote down all of the ingredients. Since I know my marriage would be in jeopardy if I ever served seafood in my house, I wondered how it would taste with shredded chicken instead of crab. I though they turned out really, really yummy.
The kid taste test was a little low (just keeping it real folks), but me and my husband and one out of three kids liked them. They were super easy too.
So the next time you wishing you lived closer to the sea, try these out!

Chicken (No so Crabby) Cakes

Canned, shredded chicken (of course you can cook and shred your own, and you can use real shredded crab t00)
Ritz Crackers (smashed into crumbs)
Fresh parsley, chopped
Old Bay Seasoning
Worcestershire Sauce (I was out and used soy sauce and it worked great)
Lemon juice
Regular mustard

Mix everything but the chicken until it is almost a paste, then add your meat. From into balls. Melt butter on a skillet and put your cakes on and smash with a spatula. When they are golden brown, flip and cook the other side. Delish!

PS. Sorry, I hate seeing recipes without pictures. But I lack the camera, lighting, and know- how to make food look yummy in a picture. So, I figured no picture is better than a bad picture. But, trust me these are super yummy.

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