Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Whoonu

We are having the family Christmas Eve party at my house this year, and I found some cute ideas online, but was still looking for something else.
One of my favorite games is Cranium Whoonu, so I decided to make a Christmas version making cards out of my own Christmas words. This would be an easy and orginal Christmas game for you to play with friends and family. For instructions on how to play Whoonu click here:
Here is the list of words I came up to make cards out of:
1) Santa Claus
2) Dasher
3) Dancer
4) Prancer
5) Vixon
6) Comet
7) Cupid
8) Donner
9) Blitzen
10) Rudolph
11) Snowflakes
12) Peppermint Candy Canes
13) Fruit-flavored candy canes
14) Elves
15) Decorating the tree
16) Real Christmas Trees
17) Fake Christmas Trees
18) Wreaths
19) Cutting down your own tree
20) Ward Christmas Parties
21) Christmas Eve
22) Receiving neighbor gifts
23) Giving neighbor gifts
24) Peanut Brittle
25) Fruit Cake
26) Eggnog
27) Fudge
28) Sugar Cookies
29) Making gingerbread houses
30) Seeing Christmas Lights
31) Putting outside Christmas Lights Up
32) Angels
33) Nativities
34) Song “Jingle Bells”
35) Song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”
36) Black Friday
37) Online Shopping
38) Shopping with Christmas Crowds
39) Picking out the perfect present for someone
40) Song “I'll be home for Christmas”
41) Song “Silent Night”
42) Song “Little Drummer Boy”
43) Song “Let it Snow”
44) Song “Must Be Santa”
45) Song “Deck the Halls”
46) Song “Santa Claus is coming to town”
47) Song “Away in a manger”
48) Song “Joy the World”
49) Song “Feliz Navidad”
51) Messiah/Hallelujah Chorus
54) Christmas Lights on Temple Square
55) Movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” New Version
56) Movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” Old version
57) Movie “The Polar Express”
58) Movie “Mr. Kruegers Christmas”
59) Movie “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation”
60) Movie “A Charlie Brown Christmas”
61) Story: A Christmas Carol
62) Movie: Frosty the Snowman
63) Movie “Home Alone”
64) Movie “Elf:
65) Movie “Christmas Story”
66) Book “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”
67) Getting up early on Christmas Morning
68) Sleeping in on Christmas Morning
69) Building a snowman
70) Sledding
71) Snowmobiling
72) Christmas Morning Breakfast
73) Christmas Dinner
74) Being with family on Christmas
75) Family Christmas Parties
76) Opening presents
77) No school over Christmas break
78) Nutcracker Soldiers
79) Stars
80) Candles
81) Fireplaces
82) Ornaments
83) Movie “The muppet Christmas Carol”
84) Movie “Miracle on 34th Street”
85) Movie “The Santa Clause”
86) Movie “It's a wonderful Life”
87) Wreaths
88) Bells
89) Mistletoe
90) Christmas Color Red
91) Christmas Color Green
92) Christmas Color White
93) Christmas Color Silver
94) Christmas Color Gold
95) Writing letters to Santa
96) Sitting on Santa's Lap
97) Leaving cookies for Santa
98) Baking Christmas Treats
99) Christmas Caroling
100) Shopping Early
101) Shopping last minute
102) Sleepover by the Christmas Tree
103) Wrapping presents
104) Hot Chocolate
105) Hot Apple Cider
106) Chocolates
107) Getting toys for Christmas
108) Getting Video Games for Christmas
109) Getting clothes for Christmas
110) Getting jewelry for Christmas
111) Getting movies for Christmas
112) Gingerbread Cookies
113) Shortbread Cookies
114) Candy Cane Hersheys Kisses
115) Mint Truffle Hersheys Kisses
116) Snickerdoodles
117) Chocolate Chip Cookies
118) Pomegranate 7-Up
119) Cranberries
120) Christmas Art Projects
121) Pumpkin Pie
122) Apple Pie
123) Listening to Christmas Music
124) Fuzzy pajamas
125) Warm socks

(I know some of the numbers are messed up-but if you are like me you have a million things on your Christmas to-do list and I don't have time to fix it- You get the idea)

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