Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The latest and greatest

New projects I've worked on lately:

The five jeans skirt. Yes, this skirt took five pairs of old jeans that didn't fit well. Sorry for the blur. The five-year-old can only take so many pictures!!

I used this tutorial to make the yoga band for the waist. Then I basically made six-inch strips out of jeans to make each layer. And when you are making each layer 1.5 inches bigger than the last, your last layer is very long.


Then I made a little skirt for my daughter using this tute.


And finally I got my curtains up in her room. I used purple fabric I already had and then used some of friends extra purple fabric to make some patchwork curtains.


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  1. Cute, Julie! Tell me how you find time to sew! I need to find time for projects! haha