Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vinyl Hair Flower

Photobucket Whenever I get a moment to craft (which has been few and far between lately) I always seem to go for the hair bow/flower. It's easy, fast, cheap and you can accomplish something in the five minutes you have in between needy children! So today I came up with this vinyl hair flower. I think it turned out so fun and it really stands out.

Supplies: Vinyl Fabric
Flower patterns (I used my cookie cutter set from Wilton)
White Paint
Foam Brush
Glue Gun
Hair Clip
Step One: Trace your flower patten onto the back of the vinyl.
Step Two: Cut out (see picture below to see how blah it looks at this step) Photobucket
Step Three: Dip your foam brush into white paint and paint the edges on your flowers. It's ok to be a little messy. It gives it character.
Step Four: Let dry. Step Five: Hot glue the layers together.
Step Six: Glue a ribbon onto a clip.
Step Seven: Glue your clip onto the back of your flower.
Step Eight: Enjoy your fast, cute and unique project. (Also cute as a pin)


  1. That is so cute! How creative!!
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  2. Thats really wonderful..
    Thanks for sharing the step by step method to make it..

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