Thursday, August 26, 2010


This summer I spent more time enjoying summer than crafting, but I was feeling an itch to make something. And I keep drooling over the Waldorf dolls Lil Blue Boo keeps featuring. Having the "I'm too frugal I can make that myself mentality" can be a curse sometimes. Those dolls are expensive, but I learned why. I researched some sites online and attempted to make one. Not going to happen in this lifetime.
But, I still I had this itching to make a doll. So, I found a great tutorial on Martha Stewart. The doll instructions were very easy to follow. However, I found the clothes a bit challenging. (Don't let this intimidate you, as I am a very amateur sewer) So, I made an extremely basic version of the shirt which was supposed to have a collar, buttons etc.
It was good enough for my 15-month old. I love her long crazy hair. Maybe I will have to live my long hair fantasies through her. Now I've gotten it out of my system. Time to move on to other craft projects.
And to start saving for the real Waldorf doll.

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