Saturday, August 28, 2010

How to have your ideas...and save on ink too

You could say I have always been addicted to ideas. When I was first married I used to get crafty library books and spend a lot of time copying page after page. Luckily I worked at a copy shop. That was before blogs! (or at least before I knew about blogs)

It has been dangerous for me to know about blogs. I have limit myself. But I can't give up my ideas. I love getting new ideas (Recently, I discovered why. My friend does personality profiling on how to dress, and I have discovered that I am a "1" and "1's" love new ideas!)

So, I was spending a lot of money on ink and paper. I know I could bookmark them, or save them to my computer. But I would much rather look through prinouts that on the screen to choose my next project. Plus, I thought I would save them to my computer and forget all about them.
I rationalized my ink spending habits on the fact that I am pretty low-maintenance. Most of my clothes comes from clearance racks, I don't eat out a lot, I don't get pedi's, etc. Besides, SAHM's need some sort of "out" and this was mine.
But, it was getting a little excessive. I have stacks and stacks of printouts. All great ideas, but I was probably only getting to 1% of them. Soo, recently I started "starring" them on google reader. Then every once in awhile, I will copy the picture, paste it into word, then print the web address under the picture. I will also copy and print recipes this way.
Then, when I do look through my ideas, and get serious about one, I can look up where I can find more detail. I also use grayscale to save on expensive colored ink. Then I have my little filing cabinet divided into categories. It's been working great for me.

Do you have any great organizing ideas for your projects to be?


  1. Even though you love ideas you have a very organized way of doing it, holy crap!! I think there is definitely 2 in you!! My attention span isn't long enough to be that organized!!!

  2. It sounds like you have a good system! The computer is a great way to organize everything and avoid printing out pages. But I know what you mean! I still have no interest in reading novels on a computer pad since I love the look and feel of an actual book!