Friday, August 20, 2010

Taste Test Party


Last night we had a fun activity at our monthly girls night. We did a taste taste for our refreshments. Here is how it worked: A few weeks before I sent out a list of assignments. Everyone had a partner and here is what we had to test ourselves on. :

1) Coke vs Pepsi
2) Same item from two different restaurants (They brought fried rice from Panda Express and a local Chinese place)
3) Same cookie bar recipe-one used imitation vanilla and one used Mexican vanilla
4) Blackberry Cheesecakes-one using Philadelphia cream cheese, the other using store brand cream cheese
5) Low-fat fruit dip vs. full fat fruit dip
6) Organic granola and milk vs. regular granola and milk
7) Whoopie pies-(different recipes-we had to guess who made which one)
8) Bakery brownies vs. homemade brownies
9) Crush Soda vs. Store Brand Orange Soda

When ladies I arrived, I handed them their quiz and we went around and starting tasting.
The options are endless. It was a lot of fun. Even Coke enthusiasts had a hard time tasting the difference when it was disguised and tasted next to Pepsi.
The four people who got the most right got some hand soap from Bath and Body works, and then we watched Dear John in our garage (since it was windy).
The next time you are in charge of planning girls night, bookmark this idea and see how distinguised your taste buds are!


  1. What a fun idea! I think it would be a great conversation starter. Perfect for any party, not just a girls night.

  2. Thanks for the great night!