Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Class Pictures

All of my creative/computer time lately has been spent building a new website for a new business venture we are doing.
But, I did just have a small AHA moment I thought I would share. It might help at least ONE of you.
We just got back all of our classroom pictures from the kids classes. And they (especially the four-year-old) has been obsessed with looking at, holding it, bending it... you get the idea. I ruined one of my class pictures when I was kid and I'm still sad about that. So, I was stressing about keeping them nice and how to take it away from him.
Until, I realized I have a scanner/printer. I scanned them all in, printed them out and in a couple of minutes a little bit of ink, everyone was happy. He can now hold his picture and name all of the kids to his hearts content. And the originals are safely tucked away.
Now, if only this website I'm working on was that easy. :)

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