Thursday, April 8, 2010

My new favorite....

Is it just me, or is one of the best moments of the day when the kids are all finally settled into their beds? I always like to grab a little snack and flip through the boob tube for a few minutes and just veg.

Growing up we had ice cream more nights than we probably should have. If you are like that, this treat is definitely going to take the place of that. And the best part-the whole thing is about 100 calories. (Yogurt=80, 1/2 cup strawberries=25)

It is key lime pie yogurt (Walmart now sells a Great Value 4 pack that is cheaper than the name brands and tastes just as good) mixed with about 1/2 cup or so of frozen chopped strawberries. I recently got a flat and froze them myself.

It is soooo good. I know it sounds really simple, but trust me you won't turn to the ice cream for awhile. This doesn't taste like you are trying to eat healthy. YUM!


  1. Yogurt is so great for sweet cravings! I find frozen yogurt satisfies my ice cream cravings in the summer!!! Many less calories.

  2. I'll have to try that. I love frozen yogurt. My favorite place to get a treat is called Red Mango. If you guys are ever down this way, you should check it out. It is yummy!