Monday, April 19, 2010

One simple laundry tip


I had three boys in a little less than four years. They are close in age. One is a little bit height-challenged and even though he is almost six can still fit in some 4's. And the four-year-old wears 4's. I wish we just had a big bin of pants, shirts, socks, etc. But they don't really appreciate that.

Sooo, awhile ago I came with a system for pants, shirts, underwear, socks, etc.
The oldest gets one cut in his tag (or one tick with a permanent marker), the 2nd one gets two cuts, the third one gets three. Then, when the item gets too small and is ready to be passed down, another cut or tick mark gets added to the item for the next boy.

It has made laundry a lot nicer.

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  1. Brilliant!!! I have the same problem with Darren and Jason.