Friday, April 16, 2010

I made a shirt!

I never thought I could actually make a shirt that was wearable! It's not perfect, but
I am in love with it. And it was really fun to make.

Even a beginner sewer figured it out.

Check out the original tutorial found here, which was featured here.

If you are interested, these posts are terrific. The only thing I did a little differently was add a band around the bottom, with a matching applique from the top material, with a zig zag stitch hem.

She also started the sizing at Size 2, and told you how to go up for additional sizes. I wanted a size 1, so I went down the recommended amounts instead of up.



  1. It's adorable, Julie! I am very impressed!

  2. You are the domestic diva!!! Awesome!!! Louuuve the contrasting band and applique.

  3. Very cute style and fabric! The fabric looks like scrapbook paper!

  4. Ha ha. I love your choice of fabric!! It's just perfect!! We have great taste!!