Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby legs that stay on

When I saw these baby legs made out of knee high socks from Little Birdie Secrets, I knew I had to try them out. Great idea. I liked them because it made little outfits season less. All of those adorable rompers and summer skirts could still be used in the winter (which is looooong around here!) And isn't there just something so adorably simple about a baby in a little romper?
Anyway, I tried them out but this is more of what ended up happening. Not exactly the look I was going for.
They kept falling down!
But, I still really wanted them to work. So I sewed some onto some existing diaper cover ups (baby panties, pantaloons-what are these things called? From here on out, I will call them diaper cover ups), that didn't really match any outfit anymore.

For some reason this picture isn't exactly right. After you make your baby legs using the above tutorial, turn your diaper cover ups inside out and your baby legs inside out. Then put your socks onto the outside of the diaper cover up. (The picture shows inside) Then, pulling tight as you sew, sew the baby legs onto the diaper cover up and turn inside out. There, done. Easy.But, what if you don't have any extra cover ups, and need more than you have? You can make your own diaper cover ups. Here is how:1) Take an existing pair that fit well and trace onto paper, about 1 - 1/2 inches bigger. Only trace around half, then fold the paper in half so it will be equal. Cut out and pin onto your fabric (I used an old knit shirt). Repeat to make 2.2) Then I used my rotary cutter to straighten out the edges. Sew the sides together, using a zig zag stitch. Then for the top fold over twice and iron. Sew around, leaving an opening for your elastic. Pull your elastic through using a safety pin, then sew the elastic ends together and sew the opening closed. Now you sew the crotch area closed.
Then you ready to sew your baby legs onto your cover up. Trust me, this was no fancy sewing job. The cover up itself doesn't really look that great, but I figured no one would see under all the cute rompers.My model is not so happy anymore!If any of this was confusing, here is a similar project with additional tips or you can ask me and I will try to help the best that I can.
So, now go extend the life your of your baby girls summer clothes!


  1. They turned out so cute! I wonder if my husband would go for them on my boy??? Maybe if I could find some manly print!

  2. great idea! I love the leg warmer look!

  3. Great idea! Just like tights you can customize :)

  4. A girl can only 'pose' for so long...
    great idea.....