Friday, February 26, 2010

Polymer Clay Pendants

I love making these polymer clay pendants. The original tute is here. Here is my version:
Take your polymer clay and roll it out using a spray can. You can mix colors or leave solid. Then stamp an image onto the clay.You can get creative on how to cut it out. A steak knife, exacto knife, or look around your house. I took the bottom of a glitter jar and here and it gave sort of a bottle cap effect.You can also get the hole into your pendant a couple of different ways. Here, I took this end clasp here to make necklaces and punched it through two times to make a hole.Or you use a paper pierce or something else sharp to wiggle a hole into it.When you have made all that you want to, bake according to instructions on package. I might do a little longer than suggested so it is not still soft. After they cool down, paint with white paint, then wipe most of it off, leaving only white in your stamped image.
After that dries, you can spray with spray shellac to give a shiny finish.
I bought big jump rings, opened them up and put them through the hole in the pendant, then closed them up using pliers. Then you can slip them through a chain. Another idea on how to attach to a necklace is here: (Toward the end of the video, they say how to attach it)

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