Friday, February 12, 2010

Friend Valentine Party

Ok, it might be too late to try this out this year before Valentines Day, but you definitely need to put it in your Valentine file for next year.

For our "ladies" night last night, the host had each of us make Valentines for everyone in the group and then we passed them out Elementary style. Then we each wrote what we admire about the person on their Valentine.

I really felt like I was in 1st grade grade opening them and reading all the nice things people wrote. I have the best friends!

As a mom sometimes you go through life serving and giving to other people and don't realize how much it means to have someone say something nice to you until they do. Then it really means a lot and you realize how blessed you are.
Thanks for the great idea Jess!

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  1. That sounds like a really fun idea! Holidays were always so fun when you were a kid. I think it's great you guys did something for yourselves.