Sunday, February 21, 2010

Visits from leprechauns

We don't make a huge deal about St. Patricks day around here, but a few years ago my sister told me that they had a leprechaun come to their house in the night before St. Patricks day and turn their milk, eggs, and waffle batter green for breakfast the next day. I thought that sounded fun so we invited one to come to our house to do the same thing. The kids love it of course!


  1. Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog! I am sorry you had trouble with the McLinky party link up. The party is still up and running so I just took the liberty of adding the link you sent me on the party! Hope you don't mind! I think it is a GREAT idea! So simple but kids would LOVE it!

  2. LOL - that is so fun! My kids love those little touches. Cute!

    Thanks for linking up!


  3. I will be showing off this idea on my blog tomorrow. Thanks so much for linking up. Stop by to check out the post, plus, feel free to grab my "I've been featured" button for your blog. Thanks!