Monday, February 15, 2010

Ribbon Necklaces

So, on my project list was these ribbons headbands. But, of course I got distracted and decided to use ribbon to make a necklace for my woodsie pendants using the same concept as the headbands. Ribbon necklaces are popular, and you can make ones that cost next to nothing.
I don't why I'm obssessed with pendants but I love making them. Not that I can wear them because as I uploaded pictures, my baby already ruined the first one shown. Oh well.

I finished mine two ways. Here is the first one:

Thread your pendant onto a ribbon cut to your preferred size.Dip one end into E-6000. I like this better than jewelry glue because it washes off your hands when you are done.Didn't get a picture of this, but put your end with glue into an end cap with loops. (Findings aisle at the craft store), then squeeze shut with pliers. Let dry. Then open up some jump rings and attach to the loop.Then you add the clasp of your choice to your jump rings.The other way I used my sewing machine. Cut the ribbon to length and then cut a piece of elastic the length you desire. You can also use a ponytail holder.
Fold the ribbon around the elastic and pin.Using a zig zag stich, go back and forth a few times to sew together.Repeat on other end and there you go.Sorry for the crappy picture. It's hard to take pictures of yourself or make your kids take good ones. I'm not sure if I love the back. Maybe the ponytail holder would look better. Or shorter elastic. Or you girls with long hair could pull it off. I will have to think on it. Let me know if you have any great ideas.

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