Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shamrock Rag Wreath

I knew I should probably make something for St. Pattys day, especially since my hubbie spent two years in Ireland. But I wasn't sure what. I saw this adorable door hanging, but didn't have the foresight to buy heart shaped cookie cutters after V-day. Genius. But--I did make a mental note that three hearts can make a shamrock. File that away.

Then when I was putting the baby to bed I thought I could put this idea with my Valentines Day Rag Wreath. If I could make it with one heart, I could make one with three hearts.

So, I took three wire hangers....And cut about 3-4 inches off of each end. I did this because I didn't want to the wreath to turn out too big in the end. Hanger wire is quite thick, so I took tin snips and starting knawing away at it. Then I bent it back it forth until it snapped.Then I shaped them into three fat hearts.The wire is so thick that I had I hard time wrapping it around itself where the ends met. So I took some trusty masking tape to tape the ends together.Then I cut up a whole bunch of green fabic into approx. 5-6 inch x 1 inch strips. I used fabric I already had, fleece, tulle, ribbon, old shirts etc.Then I took my first piece of fabric and went up and down through the hearts where they connected in the middle and tied a knot. Then I started tying my strips on my first heart. Go around two hearts at time towards the bottom where they connect. Keep going until it is all covered. At this point, you can trim the strips as desired.I wasn't sure people would know what it was so I decided to make a stem. I took this toilet paper roll and hot glued green fleece around it. Then I applied hot glue to the top and stuck it to the bottom of the shamrock.

And there you go--Another craft that cost me nothing!


  1. I can't stand the cuteness!!! I love this and I'm bookmarking for next year.

  2. so so cute!! I LOVE it- thanks for the link and the tutorial!!

  3. Very cute! I love it! very creative!

  4. Aren't hangers useful? Great idea! Cute shamrock!