Monday, March 8, 2010

Back to Basic Chore Charts

I've tried several chore charts. Mostly elaborate ones that are too complicated to stick with. So, in my effort to simplify I've come up with two simple systems.

I remembered a similar chart my mom had when I was little.

This one I made a page with my three boys pictures in Photoshop. Then I made a circle divided three ways that has a list of their responsbilities. I laminated each part and stuck a brad in the middle.

We will turn it every week so the assignments will change up weekly. It goes on the fridge and will hopefully eliminate fighting over who has to do what.
I'm also using this scrabble tile board as incentive to be good. I wrote the boys names on top and give them 14 letters at the beginning of the week. They lose letters for things like disobeying, fighting, saying "suck", leaving dirty socks out, slamming doors, etc. At the end of the week if they have 10 letters left, they can choose a prize. Mostly they are thrilled to get a soda or a Propel. It doesn't take much to please kids. Last week I had a child lose 5 and begged and begged to able to earn one back by cleaning. I let him, but I'm not sure if they should earn back letters or not. What do you think?


  1. I think that if a kid is smart enough to know that he needs to do extra chores to earn tiles back. then that is ok!!

  2. I'd let him earn tiles back if the offense wasn't a big one. We had a magnetic chore chart for my son when he was younger, and he earned tiles and lost them during the week. Once a quarter the amt of tiles earned could win him a bigger prize (day at the zoo, etc) He lost them once and I told him they couldn't be earned back because something you just cannot undo. I think that was an important lesson for him to learn then and now.