Friday, March 12, 2010

Hanging out with wood and Mod Podge

Last night I worked on three projects involving wood, mod podge, and my stash of scrapbook stuff. First, I did a quick Easter project. I found this egg shape at the Dollar Store. I had envisioned getting all fancy with layering and ribbons, but then I found one piece of scrapbook paper that was already layered for me. I guess I'm a simple girl at heart.I needed a little help seeing what it would look like, so I cut a template out of scrap paper before, I cut out the real paper and used mod podge to attach it. I should have bought three more to make a little set, but oh well.

Remember this board?? Well, sometimes being cheap works out and something it doesn't. I didn't want to buy jumbo clothespins, so I used regular. Then they all fell apart. So I broke down and bought some.
And while I was there I bought a couple more of the bigger kind to decorate for picture holders:
Nothing too exciting, but these were my project this week.