Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Easy Hamburger Cookies

Spring is starting to tease us around here. It was 40 yesterday and I didn't even wear a jacket to run errands! So, it is getting my in the mood for summer foods and parties. Here is an easy treat that I've been making since I was about 9. I got a BHG Kids Cookie Cookbook for Christmas and this recipe came from there. Except, they called for york peppermint patties. Trust me, grasshopper cookies are way yummier.* It is always a hit at BBQ's and better yet, you can sit back and let your kids make the whole thing.

Hamburger Cookies
Few drops water
Few drops green food coloring
1/2 cup flaked coconut
48 vanilla wafers
24 grasshopper cookies
sesame seeds or poppy seeds
Turn over to 350. In a small screw-top jar combine the water and the green food coloring. Add coconut; cover and shake until all of the coconut is tinted. Set aside.
Place half of the vanilla wafers, flat side up on an ungreased cookie sheet. Top each with a grasshopper cookie. Place in the oven for about 1 minute or just until chocolate begins to soften.
Immediately sprinkle each with a tsp. of tinted coconut. Top with another vanilla wafer. Press gently. Brush the top vanilla wafers with just enough water to moisten so the sesame seeds will stick.
Sprinkle each cookie with a little sesame seed and serve.

*Make your own grasshopper cookies. Find out how here.


  1. Those are so ADORABLE! On my list!

  2. Those are sooo cute! Any suggestions on what could be used as a substitute for the coconut?

  3. Hmmmm, cut up green fruit roll ups? I'll have to think.

  4. very cute idea! Fun and look yummy! : )

  5. It makes me wish my daughter's birthday party in two weeks was a cookout just so I could make these. :)