Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dollar Store Easter Centerpiece

I was cruising through the dollar store the other day and found these items: A rectangle planter box and 4 of these candle holders. I thought I would try my hand at making something cute out of nothing. I don't really have the "gift" to do this, but I thought it turned out pretty cute, pink, Springy, and Eastery. Supply List:
Rectangle Planter Box
4 Candle Holders
Scrapbook Paper
Decorating items for eggs
Paper Mache Eggs
Styrofoam and or Plaster of Paris
Easter Grass
Wire Hanger
Finish Spray
Mod Podge
First I used Mod Podge to attach some paper to the planter box. (1 Coat to attach, 2 coats on top to seal). I also used a finish spray and hot glued a piece of ribbon around it.
Then I needed to fill it up somehow. A big piece of styrofoam would work. I tried to fill mine will a bucket of plaster I had, but it still only filled it up half way. So, I bought some wet foam. It cuts super easily and filled the rest of it up with this. I had some paper mache eggs I bought last year after Easter. I painted them in Eastery colors and then decorated them. One I used glue dots with glitter sprinkled on them, another rub-ons, another I mod-podged die cuts. Get creative!
I pressed the candle holders into the foam. I tried hot glue and gorilla glue, but the foam doesn't adhere very well, so it is not very stable. If you have an idea for that, let me know. Just don't leave this decoration down where little hands can destroy it.
So, then I cut up an old shirt and pinned it down to cover up the foam. Then I hot glued some easter grass on top of that and trimmed that up with scissors.Do you really think I could make a holiday decoration without a wire hanger? So, for the handle part of the basket. I took my exacto knife to make a little hole in the sides. Then I put my wire hanger through these holes to make a half circle. Then I cut up a bunch of these transparent ribbon and starting tying them around the handle.And there you have it. This was a little more time consuming than most of my projects, but I thought it turned out pretty cute.


  1. Your creation is so cute! It is amazing what you can do with simple items from the dollar store!

  2. So cute, Julie! I wish I had more time to make stuff right now. All of your cute crafts make me want to make something...someday I will have time again, right?

  3. Hang in there Krista. I always feel like I will never have time again for myself after I have a baby. Eventually you will. Right it means my house doesn't get clean, but at least I am sane right?

  4. Wow, very cute! This is my first time to your site. I love your creativity!!

    Sara @ www.GirlyGirlzBows.com