Monday, January 11, 2010

Great Online Job Chart Idea!

I was browsing around blogs today and came across a website with the cutest idea for a valentine wreath. But as I looked around her site she had a bunch of other ideas that were great too. As a mom I am always trying to come up with ideas to make my life easier and having chores for my kids sometimes makes it harder, don't you think??? If I was patient enough to wait it out I am positive in the long run it pays off. Anyway this link she had on her website looked like a great idea especially if you like to track stuff online and get reminders and stuff through email and on you mobile phone. Here is the website and its free!!!!!
Now she herself has some great ideas that are not web based and here is her site, at the bottom of this post are a couple other things for organizing kids and her reward system for chores. Just an idea for someone who's new years goal is to get your kids to work!!


  1. What is the link for the Valentine wreath?

  2. Its on the second web site I posted, if you go there you should see it on her first page.