Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Wish List

Do you ever draw a blank when someone asks you what you want for your Birthday/Christmas? And then when neither of them are near, you can think of million things? Here is my current wish list. Not that I am coveting or anything....

1) A Serger. This Juno Serger by Janome will be on sale at the end of the month for $179 at Hancock. I would have to research if it's a good one, because I've heard they usually cost around $500-$600. Hmmm, Christmas maybe?
2) This I-Top Brad Maker. So cool! You can make your own brads out of paper, fabric or even photos. Online they are saling for $30, but maybe a Roberts or Michaels coupon would work.3) Pinking Shears. I have lots or projects that I could these for. Including a cute little Valentine banner.

4) Wii Fit: Not for any good reason besides I think it looks fun, and maybe I would work out a little more often.

5) Candy thermometer: I tried to make homemade marshmellows over Christmas and had to guess on the temperature. They failed miserably. I will blame it on not having a thermometer.

Anything on your wish list currently?


  1. Andrea and Teagan play the wii fit more than any other game. We got the wii fit plus for Christmas, it is tons of fun. I have a great marshmellow recipe that doesn't require a candy thermometer, I'll see if I can find it. I think I got it from Megan.

  2. Hey I have a candy thermometer if you ever need one! And I would love a wii fit too!!!

  3. On my current wish list is a temple dress (I've never had one) and a new wallet (mine wallet is 11 years old and I still love it, it is the perfect wallet, but the zipper on the change pouch broke). My birthday and christmas are too far away, so I am going to have to save my allowance! :)

  4. Forgot to mention that my mother-in-law gave me some pinking shears for christmas this year. Haven't used them yet, but I think they will be nice to have when I need them.

  5. Oh, and the other item on my wishlist that I would love to have is a really good, expensive flatiron.

  6. Jana-I hear ya! My sister swears her Chi was worth every penny!

  7. That serger is on my wish list! I work at a scrapbook store and the itop maker is fun to use. Can you imagine all the cute brads you can make for little girls hair?
    My wish list includes the expedit shelf from IKEA. Need to corral my crating supplies!