Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ok so I haven't blogged anything for over a month and there is a great reason. I have been finishing some projects that should have been finished before Christmas. Anyway, minkee was on sale before Christmas for $7 off a yard--so I decided that each one of my children needed a new blanket for Christmas. (I finished 4 quilts before Christmas and 2 after for my children and then I made 3 other since then)
Logan loves cars and I found a fleece pillow kit and bordered it,quilted it on my machine, and then tied the edges
At the Bonneville Craft Fair--I found this cute pattern for Breanna's quilt. It was actually for a ragged quilt but I didn't want it to be ragged so I just pieced it together. I love the colors on this quilt.
Hattie's quilt idea came from a quilt that my sister in law received when she had her last baby. I just pieced the top together. I lvoe the bright colors in this one as well.
Andrew's quilt is a minkee quilt kit from Porters. It is very soft and snuggy.
For the boys, I found a pattern that is call The Yellow Brick Road. It uses fat quarters, then you piece it together squares and then sew the squares together. I had someone ask me if Brock was a Bonneville fan because of the colors. I just picked the colors because of the football theme.

Then I did a small version of the yellow brick road pattern for my friend who just had twin babies. I used mainly minkee for the squares but used flannel for the back.
So I have been busy at work--just not busy blogging about it!!


  1. Very cute. I wish I could blow up the pictures so I could see them better. I think my favorites are Breanna's and Brock's. I need a project...but I also need motivation and skills. :)

  2. Those are really great quilts! I need to do some for my girls, but since I can't seem to sew a straight line I haven't ever done it!!!