Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pillowcase dress and ribbon flower bows

Yesterdays project: Pillowcase Dress (Yes, I know I have the cutest cabbage patch baby ever)With matching ribbon flowers embellishment and hairbow.This was a really easy, project. One I actually completed from start to finish with one sitting.


  1. HOW DARLING! And I am such a sucker for red, black and white.

    I love pink and green and blue and yellow too, you understand. But I have a "thing" for red and black.

    And your daughter, oh my gosh. She just looks like a love!

  2. I'm sorry but your baby is to die for adorable! I was so taken by her that I forgot to admire the dress! Dress is adorable as well but man!!!!! YOur baby!!!!!

    Thanks for linking!