Friday, January 15, 2010

Top Ten Project List

Going along with my word FOCUS, my project today was to focus my project list. Ever since I got married I have loved to collect project ideas. Before I discovered blogs I went to the library and made tons of copies for future ideas.

But with so many exciting crafty ideas out there, I have to admit I get kind of a "crafters high" looking for and collecting them. The thought of even making them someday can keep me sane. But, I have control myself and spend more time actually creating than looking for ideas.

Anyway, I have so many printed ideas that when I do get a minute to craft, sometime I don't even know what project I want to work on next, or have the right supplies.

So, here is what I did 1) I went through all of my ideas and wrote down ones that interested me. I had 23.
2) So I edited those down to ten.
3) Then I wrote down the order I wanted to finish them.

So, no more wasting craft time. Now I have focus and direction and a shopping list. I can't start one until I have finished one (unless I need some supplies I don't have).

So, here is my list:

1) Snowman Hill gave me this inspiration for an idea I want to try. I will let you know if it works!
2) Valentines Wreath of some sort: Some inspiration here. Looks like I'm going to have add this blog to my reader. See people-- I need help!
3)Valentine's Topiary
4) A display board with inspiration from here.
5) Wooden pendant necklaces -this looks so cool!
6) Epoxy necklaces- under the words broken gems
7) Side panel shirt refashion Repurposing is the hot trend right now, so I was inspired to go through my closet and what I don't like. Now I just need to repurpose.
8) This little dress.
9) A cute headband.
10) Polymer pendants I've made these before, but I had a different idea I wanted to try.

So, there you go! More information overload for you to waste your time on!

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  1. Love the valentine topiary. I want to make a valentines day wreath for my door, too, and that one looks easy enough.....but I would want to do it with more valentine prints. Green, to me, isn't valentine. I would want straight red, pink, and white. The headbands are darling....I wonder if Hailey would wear one. She always complains that they hurt her head, but these ones look soft. I actually want to make some more of those flower bows, but I don't like to craft by myself, so I probably won't. The shirt is different, but cute. Maybe I could reuse some of my shirts that are a little tight and they would fit again with the added fabric! :) j/k